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The Gold Salad Servers

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You need to eat salads. Salads are good for you. We know. We also know that they aren't the most appealing food and while there isn't anything we can say to make to feel better, here's some good looking salad servers. Eye candy for those trying to avoid the other kind.
About this collection:
For us, the gold distressed collection was love at first sight. We’ve often wondered what pulled us to it though. Whichever it is, we just have a puzzle for you. What do you call design that appeases your brain with its symmetry but also speaks to your soul? Just right!

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Material: Seasoned mango wood with gold distressed finish.
Usage: Serve salads in style with our Mango Wooden Salad Servers with a distressed pattern. Set includes one salad spoon and one fork spoon.
Dimensions: 12.5"X2.75"
Care: Not suitable for very hot food. Wipe clean with damp cloth or give it the briefest of washes with warm soapy water, and promptly dry it with a towel. Do not Scrub.
Delivery: All goods are aimed to be delivered within 8-10 days after the orders are placed.
Note: Crafted of mango wood with the distressed interior. Knots visible in the wood only assures you that you are buying real wood! 

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