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About Us

Strawberry Collective is a home décor brand, based out of New Delhi. Our aim here at Strawberry Collective is simple -  we want to bring high quality, safe and lasting products to help you, do your home up the way you want to.

Strawberry Collective team soon realised that people all over the country were aching for something that stood out from the corporate home décor they were seeing everywhere. And so the journey of Strawberry Collective began.

Strawberry Collective imbibes a certain set of values in all of its products. These values, make up the heart and soul of the company.

For example, each product goes through a series of product development stages. Every design at Strawberry Collective borrows from international trends and is then crafted for the Indian eye. Our every crafting technique has had to stare down the gaze of a hard-to-impress expert, which is why we take great pride in our Attention to Detail.

While our inspiration comes from international trends, our Homegrown Collections ensure that each product is sourced from various parts of the country. Strawberry Collective takes great care to ensure that Indian artisans are paid their fair dues and that their work is showcased and shared all over the country.

Our experts have a unique eye for good-looking, safe and trendy products, something that only comes from having spent decades in the business. We have a Fresh Perspective to curating our products- the only products we keep in our catalogue are ones we’d be happy to welcome into our own homes.

One of the pet peeves we’ve always had with the home décor industry in the country was that everything seemed the same! Inadvertently, everyone’s houses ended up looking the same as well. Keeping that in mind, we’ve made each of our product lines Limited Edition. Once those are done, we bring out something new. Because no one wants their space to look like their neighbours’ place now do they!

We’re always on the hunt for newer products, and new points of view. So, if you have something, in particular, you'd like us to find, curate or keep in stock, do let us know at sales@strawberrycollective.com.

Alternatively, if you would like to reach out to Strawberry Collective for something in particular – a congratulatory message, a grievance, delivery delays, or even a casual chat, you can get in touch with us on: